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ZJ - I'm gonna kill ya mon

voksen in younotakefanfic


What is You No Take Fanfic?

YNTF is a gift exchange for fanfiction about canon characters from the Warcraft universe. Participants will nominate characters, submit prompts, and then anonymously write a fic to fill another participant's prompt.

Where is YNTF?

YNTF has LiveJournal and DreamWidth communities, but all nominations, signups, matching, and posting will be done on the Archive of Our Own. If you plan to play but don't have an Archive Of Our Own account, you can PM, IM, or email voksen for an invitation code. You don't need to have Dreamwidth or Livejournal to participate.

What's the timeline?


Is nominating a commitment?

No. You may nominate characters to be eligible for the exchange without being required to sign up for the exchange itself. If you suspect you might want to participate, but are not sure you'll be able to, please do nominate to make sure your favorite characters make it in to the final selection - just in case.

What does signing up require?

To sign up, you'll need to have three or four requests in mind; you'll be able to ask for up to four characters per prompt. You'll also need to offer at least three groups of characters to be matched to someone else's prompts.

What kind of request?

Giving several suggestions or prompt ideas for something you'd like with the characters you requested can be very helpful, since you and your assignment - and your creator - will be matched by character, and you all may have a very different idea of what makes a certain character wonderful.

Please note that they are suggestions; the only requirement for completing your assignment is that the fic contain all of the characters listed, although prompts and request details are a good way to get yourself and the person making your gift on the same wavelength, as is a Dear Creator letter.

What is a Dear Creator letter?

A Dear Creator letter is an optional letter to the creator of your gift. You may have more to say about Warcraft than you thought fit neatly into your request boxes (don't we all?) The letter is also a good place to tell your author about your triggers, squicks, likes, and dislikes, though please remember that one person's squick is another person's kink.

You can post your letter to a LJ/DW journal or to your own space; there will be a place on the signup form to link it so that your author can see it.

How do I nominate and sign up?

There will be a tutorial for each posted after the schedule is decided.

What happens after signups?

After signups close, people will be matched together and assignments will be sent out. You will then need to fill one of the requests on your assignment with a complete fic of at least 1000 words, containing all of the characters in that request, before the deadline. Please don't crosspost it or make it public just yet.

What if I sign up and can't finish?

Please let me know as soon as you can! The goal is for everyone to have a gift on reveal day, so in the case that the assigned author can't finish their work and needs to default, a pinch hitter needs to be found to make sure their recipient gets a completed present.

What is a pinch hit/How do I pinch hit?

A pinch hit is a substitute story written for someone whose assigned author wasn't able to finish their work. You don't need to be already participating in the exchange to pinch hit, although you certainly can be! If you're willing to consider helping out by taking on pinch hits, there will be a signup post to comment on.

What happens after the exchange goes live?

Please remember to comment and thank the author of your gift. One week after reveal, the fog of war anonymity will lift! Creator names will be revealed and you can now freely crosspost your work anywhere you'd like and respond to comments on AO3.

What if I want to delete my work or remain anonymous?

Since works created for YNTF are gifts for other participants, we ask that you not delete them. The AO3 has a system in place where you can permanently remove your name from a work called "orphaning" which we encourage you to use instead of deletion. If you know you will want to remain anonymous, you might consider signing up to the exchange under an AO3 account name unrelated to your fannish identity instead of orphaning.


April 2013

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